Ensure that all British Columbians can participate in the knowledge economy.

  • Identify applications of technology that can improve government services.
  • Ensure the development of a globally competitive technology industry in British Columbia.
  • Encourage the adoption of technology in all industries as a means to increase competitiveness.
  • Create high quality technology jobs for British Columbians.
  • Increase the quality and supply of talent for the tech sector.

In short, to make British Columbia one of the world’s top technology centres.

Core Areas of Interest

HEALTH – Encourage wider use of medical data analysis and the adoption of healthcare tailored to an individual’s needs

TALENT – Boost the availability of skilled people and their retention within BC’s workforce

JOBS – Provide an environment that helps organizations grow to become large employers

CONNECTIVITY – Improve high-speed internet infrastructure to reach 100% of BC’s citizens

CLEANTECH – Support initiatives that lead to a low-carbon future and leverage BC’s cleantech ecosystem

Strategic Vision

In addition to these topics, the PTC is also interested in guiding a long-term strategic vision for the province that leverages the convergence of a variety of technologies. In the next 20 years there will be vast gains in the use of Big Data, mobile devices, Internet of Things connectivity, cloud-based services, and other advanced technologies that will work together to add value and efficiencies to all elements of society and the economy. Many of these trends are apparent today and the rate of change will only accelerate in the coming decades. There are also huge opportunities to improve the quality and efficiency of government services. The PTC would like to ensure that the province is well-positioned to take advantage of these trends for future generations.

#BCTECH Strategy

The BC government has launched the #BCTECH Strategy to support the tech sector in British Columbia. It recognizes BC’s high tech sector as a major engine of economic growth.
The tech sector is a crucial job creator and supporter of innovation and productivity across all industries.

The strategy is built on three pillars:
1) CAPITAL: Providing a $100-million BC Tech Fund to give entrepreneurs and tech start-ups
access to the capital they need to help build a strong and thriving economy and generate jobs for British Columbians.
2) TALENT: Developing and attracting the highest quality talent by introducing students to tech earlier, adjust training and education in post-secondary institutions and create work experience opportunities.
3) MARKETS: Making it easier to access new markets by continuing to simplify government procurement, create opportunities to share ideas, encourage business growth through exports and facilitate 100% Internet connectivity.