Report: PCAST Report on Independence, Technology and Connection in Older Age

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) is a council of members from industry, education, research institutions and NGOs that advises the US President on science and technology. PCAST has written many reports on a variety of subjects and the Premier’s Technology Council would like to highlight this report to show opportunities in tech, data, and healthcare.

Tech has increased lifespans but also has a role in increasing quality of life; an aging population will make it increasingly important. The report has recommendations that cover a range of technologies and targeted recommendations concerning specific applications to improve mobility, cognitive function, and social engagement, Internet access, telehealth, monitoring technology, emergency preparedness systems, and intentional design.

Examples include:

  • The use of smart sensors to monitor for issues like falls when assistance is needed.
  • Technology (such as AI or cognition science) to increase connectedness to recognize and fight cognitive decline
  • Tech standards and protection to protect the elderly from fraud
  • Hardware opportunities for aiding mobility or robotic assistance
  • Importance of broadband connectivity for accessing information, communication with friends and family, telehealth and health monitoring
  • Programs to educate and train elderly on tech usage and opportunities
  • Older citizens more vulnerable in disasters and may be less able to access notifications and instructions due to lack of technology usage