Executive Summary: PTC 10th Report – October 2007

This report makes 57 recommendations on learning technology, clean technology and innovation and commercialization. It provides a mixture of core recommendations (listed below) as well as supporting recommendation details.



  • Min of Education work with Boards of Education to create plan for expanding 1:1 computer programs around BC
  • Min of Education to work with school district to pilot a ‘school of the future’ with modern learning environment


  • BC set a target to become an annual net exporter of clean energy by 2020
  • New measures and tariff structures that encourage renewable energy
  • Direct BC Hydro to advance its investigation of Site C to meet growing energy and capacity demand


  • Set goal to increase gross investment in R&D towards benchmark of 4.5% of GDP, increase private R&D investment to 65% of that total with an aggressive timeframe.
  • Set long-term goal for a BC university to achieve a top 20 ranking
  • Eliminate provincial tax on exercise of disposition of stock/stock options for employees


  • Use PNP to grant permanent residency to graduates of BC universities from Master’s and PhD programs with no existing job offer requirements
  • Amend PNP to allow designation of approved employers in tech to allow automatic qualifications
  • Work with Feds to pilot a BCTFW to allow designation of approved tech companies that can obtain immediate temporary work visas


  • Raise annual investment cap and double size of Equity Capital Program