Executive Summary: PTC 11th Report – June 2008

This report makes recommendations that address three topics: Clean Technology, Regional Innovation and Industrial Design. This report was also released with a supplement piece on the role of Industrial Design for strengthening the tech sector.


Clean Technology

  • Address the regulatory challenges to the development of clean technology through the collaboration of the Regulatory Reform Office and the Climate Action Secretariat (working across other ministries).
  • Direct the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions to map tech opportunities to recommend to the Regulatory Reform Office for policy planning

Regional Innovation

  • Continue to address the broadband challenges:
    • by establishing a plan to address broadband related hindrances to economic development in BC;
    • continuing to use its own telecommunications procurement as a lever for supporting regional delivery through local ISPs;
    • continuing investment to assist First Nations in broadband delivery and related capacity building.
  • Create a stable funding structure for non-government economic development bodies that:
    • are regionally collaborative;
    • are locally driven by business leaders;
    • have significant industry input; and
    • have strict data driven criteria for decision making.
  • Ministry of Advanced Education to support regional R&D and deployment in the regions in collaboration with the BCIC and post-secondary institutions.
  • Provide budget allocation to fund program flexibility in order to establish short term and emerging technology training programs as required by industry.
  • Allocate additional tax credits to the Small Business Venture Capital Act’s (SBVCA) Community Venture Capital Program in the form of increased regional allocations and that the Investment Capital Branch implement policy to encourage greater distribution to smaller communities.

Industrial Design

Develop a plan for the promotion and development of Industrial Design as a key component of BC’s innovation economy and consider the first step of providing $4.5 million to fund an Industrial Design Chair for the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.