Executive Summary: PTC 1st Report – November 2001

The first report introduces the Premier’s Technology Council and identifies the need to diversify the economy and improve quality of life for BC’s citizens. It determines to examine ways to remove barriers from participating in the knowledge economy through improved broadband, identify areas to improve the delivery of government services, and ensure the development of a globally competitive tech industry in BC. It also outlines the operations of the PTC as an independent body with volunteer council members.


Public Awareness on the Benefits of E-Government

  • Educate British Columbians about the benefits of being fully connected, including access to relevant Internet-based applications and information, and increasing e-government services.

Research and Development

  • Double the number of computer science and electrical engineering graduates from British Columbia post-secondary institutions.
  • Establish 20 British Columbia Research Chairs in the fields of medical, social, environmental, and technological research.

Attracting Talent to British Columbia (Recruiting)

Attract senior professionals to accelerate industry growth by:

  • Making changes to immigration policy.
  • Establishing an Info-Office to aid in the recruitment of out of province technology workers and relocation of technology companies to British Columbia.
  • Implementation of a competitive provincial stock option program for British Columbia workers.
  • Resolution of cross-border security issues with the US.

Marketing British Columbia

  • Establish a domestic and international campaign to promote British Columbia’s quality of life, superior infrastructure, education system, technology community and business-friendly environment.