Executive Summary: PTC 2nd Report – April 2002

The PTC’s second report was released on April 2, 2002. It lists 45 recommendations for improving broadband infrastructure, increasing public access to the Internet, developing the high tech industry and marketing BC globally. Significant consultations across the province emphasized the need for the delivery of broadband internet access, particularly in remote regions. It also included a series of recommendations for improving the availability of venture capital for the tech sector.


Broadband Availability

  • Upgrade and extend advanced broadband network infrastructure
  • Reform procurement policy to allow for flexible, creative and competitive procurement models that will stimulate the private sector to upgrade and expand networks
  • Aggregate total public sector demand (including core government, health authorities, schools, etc) where feasible to upgrade and expand SPAN/BC

E-Health and Province Wide IT Standards

  • Establish unified health information standards for IT usage and appoint a position of responsibility for implementation of health information management.
  • Identify policy changes for the delivery of telehealth and electronic health record initiatives.

IT Procurement

  • The provincial government should expedite efforts in Procurement Reform so as to result in more streamlined, flexible, and cost-effective processes for both government and the British Columbia supplier community, ensuring fair and open procurement throughout the province.

Venture Capital – Changes to the SBVC Act

  • The provincial government should implement several amendments to the SBVC Act to address the need for early stage capital investment in technology companies by streamlining the process, expanding program, and changing program requirements for better utilization. Examples include, cutting red tape, expand the VC tax credit budgets, and increasing the total amount of capital businesses can receive under the program.