Executive Summary: PTC 3rd Report – September 2003

The PTC’s third report focused on three topics: government IT procurement, e-health and venture capital. The findings were largely based off significant consultations and feedback from experts in government around e-health and government IT procurement. This was supplemented by industry expertise and research from the PTC staff.


Re-orient procurement procedure to focus on benefits rather than direct description of technology needs, which would open up superior technical solutions available in BC.

Identify a senior government official to drive both a strategy and implementation process to take leadership around IT procurement reform.

Create a joint government and industry task group to address the wide range of issues associated with IT procurement reform.


Establish an e-Health Task Force composed of both government representatives and health care professionals to address the recommendations arising from the e-Health Roundtable.

And implement a standardized Electronic Health Record system across province,

Conduct community consultations and address unique needs to communities across BC

Venture Capital

The PTC proposed a series of legislative amendments to the Small Business Venture Capital (SBVC) Act, including previous recommendations. This reiterated the need to move quickly, and warned that failure to do so would discourage and inhibit the raising of early stage capital in BC (to the detriment of the high tech sector).