Executive Summary: PTC 4th Report – March 2003

This report outlines priorities government should address in the coming year. In addition, the report begins to address strategies for developing key industry clusters including alternative energy, new media and wireless. It also discusses online learning and it recognizes service awards in the public sector. The report includes a 30 page appendix dedicated to fuel cell technology and the opportunity for BC.


Government Operations

Make telehealth a top priority and continue work to adopt and implement common health information technology infrastructure and standards, and establish an e-Health Task Force.

Fuel Cells/Alternative Energy

Combine the strengths of the provincial and federal governments, industry and academia to develop and implement an aggressive British Columbia Fuel Cell Strategy that parallels and builds on a similar National Fuel Cells Strategy. Activities in the provincial strategy should include:

  1.  Enhanced support for research and development
  2.  Support for market focused demonstration projects in both public and private sector applications.
  3. The British Columbia government becoming an early adopter of fuel cell products.
  4.  Accelerate the development of harmonised codes and standards and revenue neutral tax incentives

Reward Innovation in the Public Sector

Accelerate and reinforce desirable change in the public sector by adopting the Premier’s Awards in all the proposed categories (leadership, service excellence, innovation and partnership), especially the innovation category.