Executive Summary: PTC 5th Report – January 2004

This report contains 17 recommendations on capital and investment, e-learning and employment standards for high-tech companies. It also provides an update on the fuel cell strategy and emerging technologies initiative.


Capital and Investment

  • Continue and improve provincial SR&ED tax credit program
  • Develop and implement equity participation incentives to attract companies and employees
  • Make adjustments to provincial Income Tax Act to assist angel investors
  • Attempt to build or attract 2-3 world class venture capital funds a year
  • Ensure government works with post-secondary institutions to ensure BC gets its fair share of federal innovation spending

Human Capital for an Innovation Economy

  • Raise awareness of tech opportunities to citizens of BC
  • Continue K-12 e-learning strategy to ensure consistent standards are developed and maintained
  • Provincial government to fully implement the BC campus initiative.
  • Revise the definition of a “high technology professional” to better fit the high tech sector to not be overly specific, and include complementary occupational activities including sales and marketing, and leave room for new emerging technologies and job titles.