Executive Summary: PTC 6th Report – June 2004

This report presents results from 10 regional consultations and e-Learning Roundtable held between February and April 2004. It contains 14 recommendations on the digital divide, e-learning, e-health, alternative energy and investment and capital. The 6th report notes that the recommendations greatly vary, with individual needs of smaller rural communities as well as different needs for larger urban centres.


Regional Industry Development

  • Encourage small business development and innovation through the work of regional science councils, support the formation of a regional technology council in the Northwest
  • Provide incentives to encourage growth and development of technology companies in the regions.


  • Support education connectivity and network capacity
  • Support online courses
  • Fund and research options for using IP video and other forms of delivery
  • Provide education programs for teachers to give them skills to use e-learning tech
  • Encourage and assist students to enter high tech careers
  • Support BCcampus initiative as the leading organization for post-secondary e-learning
  • Promote the establishment of an R&D facility to advance the e-learning industry in BC.


  • Government to support the adoption of a fee code structure that allows health care providers to bill for e-health procedures.

Capital and Investment

  • Expand SBVC tax credits
  • Change appropriate regulations so that the tax credits exist as a total allocation over multiple years and unused credits can be transferred between programs

Alternative Energy: Fuel Cell

  • Build on the record of success and work with the energy technology sector to complete the “Hydrogen Highway” prior to the 2010 Olympics and to further develop the sector.