Executive Summary: PTC 7th Report – April 2005

This report contains 15 recommendations on e-health, capital and investment, human resources, power technology and new media. It continues to note the Digital Divide is a pressing issue in BC and that broadband is important like transportation or communication infrastructure. It looks at power technology in depth, based on the commissioned report A Vision for Growing a World-Class Power Technology Cluster in a Smart, Sustainable British Columbia.



  • Design overall provincial strategy and commit to implement electronic health records (EHR)
  • Create standards and model for EHR, with strong privacy rights. Emphasis on regional implementation rather than individual facilities.
  • Continue broadband network infrastructure development for health facility usage
  • Continue to develop telehealth standards
  • Use industry best-practices for security while meeting national security and privacy standards

Human Resources

  • Develop inventory of current and projected tech skills needs and attempt to close gap
  • Work with industry and Feds to help attract senior management to BC

Power Technology

  • Pursue strategies outlined in the PTC special report on power technology

New Media:

  • Extend DAVE tax credit to new media sector
  • Establish a world-class, graduate level program in digital entertainment technology