Executive Summary: PTC 8th Report – March 2006

This report makes 20 recommendations that address Identity Management, Privacy and Security in government service delivery, broadband access (particularly for First Nations), access to capital, power technology, and the development of a Centre for Digital Media.



  • Joint Task Force tasked to develop and resource an action plan to bring broadband to First Nations communities in BC. Notes that remote First Nations that have the most to benefit from broadband access have the most challenge achieving this connectivity.

Identify Management and Security

  • Define an architecture and an implementation/delivery strategy for service integration and information sharing that spans the public service
  • Ensure a budget and process exist to accommodate the major investments in corporate government infrastructure needed to provide identity management, privacy and security capabilities


  • Revisit the responsibility structure for privacy management
  • Government to clearly communicate to the public how it manages privacy and educate public service employees on privacy management in an electronic environment.
  • That government ensure all ministries deliver on their legislative requirement to conduct privacy impact assessments. These privacy impact assessments must be conducted at the onset of new e-government initiatives and be reviewed
  • That government periodically review privacy and program legislation to ensure that it anticipates technological advances and is not rendered obsolete by them.
  • That government ensure a secure electronic infrastructure to protect privacy.

Capital and Investment

  • Government expand the SR&ED program to provide the provincial refundable tax credit to all companies in BC and recognize tax-exempt corporations (Canada/US Income Tax convention) to encourage foreign capital investment.

New Media

Support and invest in the development of the Master of Digital Media program and the World Centre for Digital Media located at the Great Northern Way Campus.