Executive Summary: PTC 9th Report – January 2007

This report focuses on government services and makes nine recommendations addressing electronic assessment in the education system, using technology to deliver citizen centred services, and the development of WINlab (later renamed to Wavefront).


Information Management

  • Ministries should be directed to share data collaboratively with programs outside their own Ministry and actively seek such opportunities in order to deliver seamless coordinated services to the citizens.
  • The role of the CIO should be enhanced with the authority to set standards, architecture and policy for IT purchases and development across government, and to monitor compliance with those standards. Precedent for this model is in the Office of the Comptroller General. Furthermore, for this CIO to assist the government in achieving its goals it should be:
    • Adequately resourced to complete the integration of government systems.
    • Given responsibility for managing privacy considerations on a government wide basis. A Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) should be established in the CIO offices to set guidelines and procedures that protect privacy without unnecessarily hindering data sharing.
  • Government should focus on some important key projects to generate early success and grow confidence both with the citizens of BC and within the public service.

e-Learning – Assessment

  • Consider dedicating the time and resources needed to expand the limited e-examination system with a long term goal of e-examinations as the norm.
  • Consider developing a ‘teach the teachers’ program on e-examinations.


  • Support and invest in the WINLAB project.