PTC and Skills Training

As a result of the PTC’s work in the area of skills needs for BC’s high tech sector, we have discovered that some companies believe that new graduates tend to have excellent technical skills, but would benefit from hands-on work experience and additional development of soft skills such (as communication, teamwork, and time management). We have heard from industry that co-op placements for students are a great benefit to the companies who can be exposed to bright young people who may be future employees as well as the participating students who get real-world work experience; anything that could encourage co-ops and work placements would be welcomed. The PTC helped spread the message and is pleased to see the BCIC Tech Co-Op Grant Program that helps funds co-op student salaries for BC tech companies.

In addition, we believe that it is important to help employees gain the skills required for today’s knowledge based economy. We are encouraged by programs like the Canada-BC Job Grant program that helps employers invest in training for current or future employees by helping offset costs. More information is available here: