PTC and Tech Jobs Outlook

The PTC has a strong interest in the areas of job creation and job demand in BC’s knowledge economy. As a result, the organization has done surveys and market research in this area since 2014.  A study of a cross-section of companies of various sizes and subsectors revealed that there were a significant number of tech jobs that are unfilled (both technical and non-technical) and that soft skills were of high importance and concern for employers.  The study was also designed to improve understanding of both the technical and soft skills required and how that matched to the post-secondary education system.

This work was supplemented by in-depth follow-up interviews with a variety of BC companies to further investigate areas of concern.

This research has helped the PTC work with BC’s Labour Market and Information division to provide input on jobs forecasting and modelling to show the high growth of tech jobs. This information has also been useful for sharing with other groups and industry initiatives involved in labour needs, such as the Technology Labour Market Partnership (LMP) Program.