The PTC’s Role in Expanding Broadband Across BC

The Premier’s Technology Council (PTC) was involved early on during the province’s planning of the installation of broadband connectivity across the province, particularly in expanding access in remote areas of BC. The PTC has provided recommendations on the best way to implement the goals of providing broadband internet access in reports and has continued to advocate for the need for sufficient bandwidth for both the delivery of government services as well as economic opportunities.

Early PTC reports helped outline the possibilities of improving delivery of government service to remote areas of BC as well as the social and economic benefits of having a connected province. The PTC has noted the need for broadband to deliver video and teleconferencing, online learning, e-health delivery, and business communications and transactions. While significant progress has been made over the last 15 years, it is important to continue to invest in the expansion in this infrastructure which can be as important as roads, bridge or electricity.  We continue to follow developments in this area as well as examine opportunities for alternative service delivery options.