PTC and Cleantech

The Premier’s Technology Council has been a champion for BC’s cleantech sector for many years. In the PTC’s fourth report (2003), there was a recommendation to develop and implement an aggressive BC fuel cell strategy through support of R&D, demonstration projects, government standards, infrastructure, and encouraging government early adoption.  In subsequent reports, the PTC would continue to support the growth of the fuel cell industry through recommending the completion of the “Hydrogen Highway” prior to the 2010 Olympics.  In addition to fuel cell technology, the PTC also produced a special report called A Vision for Growing a World-Class Power Technology Cluster in a Smart, Sustainable British Columbia that outlined a variety of strategies to advance the power technology industry in BC to become a world leader.

The PTC’s 10th report (2007) focused heavily on clean technology.  It outlined the industry advantages of BC and the opportunity to become a world leader. Recommendations covered several topics including: goals of becoming a clean energy exporter, investment in infrastructure, energy conservation initiatives, tariffs to encourage the development of renewable energy, investment in smart grid infrastructure, mandating green building targets and technology, incentives for environmentally friendly vehicles, and explore and encourage the use of bioenergy.